Sunday, August 31, 2008

A few more from this morning...

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Church in the park

This morning our service was in the park.
It was a gorgeous day.

After the service there was food served and games for the kids.
And a found myself a perfect spot in the shade on a blanket and barely moved an inch for like 2 hours.
It was great.

We ate and talked and laughed and played.

And we have no idea what Brigg did all morning because we only saw him run by with his friends a couple times. And even at that, he refused to acknowledge me. He's getting big. And really wants nothing to do with us when friends are around.
But Lani enjoyed some snuggle time with Daddy.
And everyone was happy...
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Saturday, August 30, 2008


All the girls are kinda down in the dumps today. Just feeling exhausted and stuffy in the head.
So Brigg is staying at my mom and dad's tonight and Lani gets to sleep on a mattress in our room. I have heard Ayla quite a bit tonight since putting her down around 8:30. I'm afraid she is going to be up in the night tonight. She will be 10 months old on Sept. 9 and she is yet to get sick. Not even a little sniffle. So we are due. And she's been acting funny all night. She's had a bit of a snotty nose and I'm thinking there is a good chance it's going to turn into something worse.

I even fell asleep tonight briefly, which is very rare for me. I'm just not feeling quite right. But I wanted to get lots done today for the garage sale, so I ended up sorting through tons of baby/kids clothes tonight. Plus, Paul and I got lots of stuff moved out of the basement into the garage as well. The sale is going to be Saturday from 8-2. Anything that is left at 2:00 is going directly into the pick-up and to a donation drop off. It feels good.

Hoping we can all get a good nights sleep. We are having our church service at the park behind our house in the morning. After the service there is food and games and Paul is even going to be in the dunk tank for a half hour session. So it sure would be nice if we all felt healthy.

And for me, this is the end of yet another Saturday. Night.


Brigg has had four loose teeth forever.
The top one was just getting hysterical.
It was his first loose tooth and he was scared to pull it out.
But it was so loose that it was getting ridiculous.
Here he is around 3:45...

And around 3:47...'s about time!
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Friday, August 29, 2008

The turtles

It all started with me snapping this photo.
I looked a little closer and said to Jody, "What are those turtles doing?"

In true Jody fashion, she replied very matter-of-factly,
"Cassie...they are mating."

So I started giggling because what exactly are you supposed to do when you walk in on 2 turtles mating?
And then I looked a little closer again.
There were not only 2 turtles in there. There were four.
And apparently the other two were in love as well.

So I snapped some pictures and giggled a little more.
And of course got the obligatory eye roll from Jody.
I'm sorry, but it truly was funny.
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The zoo

A spur of the moment trip to the zoo today.
Lani had just looked at a photo of Brigg and Max in this pose last year.

I think these two were pretty excited to be considered the "big kids" this year.
And here's the whole gang...

I have a Joovy Caboose Stroller that the bigger kids can stand on the back.
I LOVE it.
And Quincy and Nalani loved it today, too.
There was NO whining about walking.

And as you can see, we all fit perfectly into the 2 strollers.
And what I love most about all these photos is that I was in NONE of them.
If I had been, you would have seen that I had not showered, was totally greasy and trying to cover it up with a very wild and long scarf in my hair. Nice.
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Outside...ALL day

Took Brigg to school at 8:15 and we have been outside ever since. Ate lunch and supper outside. Kids are currently in the tub and Ayla is in bed. Lots of pics from today. Hoping to get to the computer tonight.
This, my friends, is my FAVORITE kind of weather. It's even a little chilly tonight. We have a fire going out in the fire pit. After the kids are in bed, maybe we'll enjoy the fire with a glass of wine...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

And the slide, too...

She raced Brigg up the slide.
He is very competitive.

There was not way he was going to let her win.
But he DID try and help her finish.

And she happily clawed his face for beating her.

But she was determined and did not give up.

And eventually, with Brigg's help, she made it to the top.
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Ayla's first time swinging...

We ended our walk at the playground.

We put Ayla in the swing for the first time.

And well...

I think she liked it.
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A walk

We decided to go on a quick walk before bed tonight.

Really we are so lucky to have this beautiful park right in our backyard.

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I've run into a bit of a FlyLady "snag"...

You have to be home 7 days a week.
Or suddenly you feel overwhelmed with all the things you need to do to make up for the day you were gone.
That's where I'm at today.
Overwhelmed with it all...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This morning

We drove by the stadium this morning and I jumped out to get a few pics.

I was hoping to get some that I could something good to blow up and give Brigg for Christmas.

It really is a very cool city and stadium.

But I agreed with Nalani when she said that next time she and I would go to the game and Brigg and Paul would stay at the hotel.

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Some of my favorites

He literally took 218 photos.
He took his job seriously.
These are some of my favorites.

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Apparently he found this direction important...

I told him to take a picture of the scoreboard.
Obviously, he has a little bit of his mother's photo-taking genes in him.

Because he took about ten of them.
He must of have wanted to get the "perfect" shot.

Out of the 218 photos he took, probably 115 of them were of Albert.
I'll spare you all those.
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