Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bad habits?

slowly we have gotten into some bad habits this summer.
bedtime has gotten later and later.
and i'm usually one to keep bedtimes right on schedule.
the kids are getting older.
and now...the kids will sleep in when they go to bed late.
it's awesome.
so it's 9:40 and lani just rolled out of bed.
brigg and a friend are still fast asleep.
i love it.
i am more productive in the morning, so i can get more done while they sleep late.
so i'm beginning to think it's not such a bad habit after all.
now we just need to get willow on our summer schedule.
her 6am wake up call is not pleasing to me...

yep...it's official...

we are all smitten...

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The cousins

Minus Boone...

All of the cousins on the Stewart side....

This one cracks me up...

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More of the party

There was a lot of this...

Tons of this...

Quite a bit of this...
Some of this...
And the skies opened up like this...

The Landers have been a part of this community for 12 years. The impact they have had on the lives of the people who live here has been immeasurable. The depth of our love for them and their love for us in incredible. And there will be a gaping hole in our lives for quite some time. But we will be forever grateful to them for showing us what community means. And how to love with everything. And how "church" really has nothing to do with 4 walls and roof...but with people taking care of each other and holding each other up during their most difficult times.
And now I am going to go plan a trip to Colorado...thankyouverymuch.

Setting up...


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The many faces of Boone...

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My brother and his family...

are visiting from florida.
we are loving it...

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ya think?

Took this photo of the Landers last Monday...

Got it printed on a canvas and shipped to me by Friday so we could do this at the party...

and yes.
If we didn't know it before, we know it now...
Iowa definitely loves the Landers.
So apparent tonight...

So many surrounding them, supporting them, loving them.
Saying goodbye.
Beyond difficult.
So many tears.
But what a blessing for us to be able to do this for them.

It was theraputic.
It was another step towards moving on.
Yes indeed....Iowa loves the Landers.
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party time!

we've been planning a big ole party for a few weeks to send the landers off on their new journey to colorado.
today is the day.
the weather is the biggest concern. it has been CRA-zy.
but i just looked at the forecast and it appears that it will be beautiful by party time.
we've planned as much as we can and today we get to enjoy and have a great time.
but i must say, this has been the hardest party to plan for.
i usually love this stuff.
but not so much this time.
i kept putting things off and pretending that it was a long way off.
it's denial.
so another one of those bittersweet days ahead.
sadness laced with joy.
friendships celebrated.
a day full of love, i'm certain.
we are focusing on the happy.
that's all there is to it!

(oh...and my brother and family arrived yesterday. i got to meet boone for the first time.
he's perfect.
lots of photo memories to come!)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

woot woot!

No more garage sale. Made a couple hundred bucks. Got rid of a lot of junk.
SOOOOO happy it's over.
Someone is supposed to be coming over any minute to pick up the rest of the junk!
I will have a clean garage for the first time in a over a month.
And the thunderstorms passed and the sun came out and I sold THE most uncomfortable couch and love seat ever created.
So it's all good.

Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm not even kidding

thunderstorms are supposed to start at 2am...and continue all. day. long.
so do you think i'd get any business if i just opened my garage now and turned on my light and had my sale from 10:30pm-1:30am?
probably not.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My girls

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Baseball tonight

We watched from a quilt.
I didn't feel like getting up and moving to take any good pics.
So this was it...

But Ayla worked hard to get a good view.

I guess I should have given her my camera to get a shot or 2.

All Lani wanted to do was sit and hold "the baby".
Happy as can be...

Willow got lots of attention at the ball park.
I think Willow and Ayla might have a bit of sibling rivalry going on.
Both are very jealous of the other.
It's crazy!
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