Sunday, October 31, 2010

2 pictures

that about sums up our halloween season this year.
i simply took 2 photos.
i got lani and ayla's costumes at a 2nd hand store and just picked ones they had in their sizes.
brigg wore a sweatshirt from last year.
we did not carve pumpkins. this is crazy for us. this is the first year paul and i haven't carved pumpkins since we started dating in 1996.
i'm kinda of disappointed, but i honestly had no desire this year. we were just too crazy busy this past week.
i haven't even unpacked our halloween stuff, so they didn't have their trick-or-treating bags.

but see that silver van there on the right that the kids are running towards?
that's our new automobile.
so at least i can say that...we have a new old mini van...

so this is it.
i took 2 photos from trick-or-treating.
no pumpkin carving.
no pumpkin gut throwing fight.
no pumpkin carving contest.
bummer for the kids.
less stress for me. :)

but they are happy because brenda, bode and boone showed up today and are spending the night.
we get to spend the day with them tomorrow before they head back to the 90 degree weather in florida.
we are taking them on a fall walk tomorrow.
letting them soak it all up so they don't forget us in iowa.
and that makes up for the last of fall festivities this year.
happy halloween!
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and these, too...

(wow...they really all look a lot alike...)
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i can't stand it...

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

He's an awesome big brother...


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My girl...

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More from our hike...

Lani taking "notes".
(actually drawing little pictures of everthing she saw)

Our runner.

Brigg doesn't pose much anymore.
He's like a teenager or something.

All three.
Oh please God, just let them stay these ages forever.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lani's day in review...

She woke up to the traditional balloons and donut cake.
Brigg jumped out from behind the couch and scared her and then carried her over to her seat.
It was adorable.

Then after school she got several calls wishing her a happy birthday.
This particular call was from Macy.
Too sweet...

Then we went on a hike.
Seriously...this is our backyard.
I love it.
LOVE it.
I had prepared a little scavenger hunt list.
So they were collecting items and putting them in a sack.
It was sooo windy, but so worth it.

Lani had requested spaghetti pie, cottage cheese and garlic bread for supper.
The easiest supper ever.
Then ice cream sundaes for dessert.
We sang to her again.
For the 4th time.
And them mom and dad stopped out and brought Lani her gift.
A hot pink ipod shuffle.
Think she was excited?

It was a great birthday for her.
We love her so much.
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And now I'll cry...

She's seven today.

She has such an awesome birth story.
We didn't know if she was a boy or a girl, but we were certain she was a BOY.
We were certain no matter how many children we had, they would be all boys.
I knew that God knew I didn't know how to deal with girls.
And then she was born.
And Paul said, "It's a BOY" at the exact same time the doctor said, "It's a GIRL".
So I say, "WELL?!? What IS it?A boy or girl?"
The doctor nodded and smiled and said, "It's a giiiiiiirl."
(i have 2 words for paul...umbilical cord)
I remember so vividly turning to Paul with tears in my eyes and saying "A GIRL? Oh my gosh! I didn't know I wanted a girl!!"

And that was the beginning of this 7 year journey.
It was a rough go for us at first.
Surgeries and doctors appointments and eye education and patching and contacts.
Not what we had expected or hoped for.
But what we didn't know we needed.
Just like our Lani.
A new perspective.
A baby girl.

And here we are 7 years later.
She is amazing.
She is my "worrier".
She is very concerned with feelings and emotions.
She is so independent in social settings, but loves to snuggle with Paul and I every day.
And Sunday was the first day I had seen Lani with a group of little girls...enjoying herself.
It was so fun to see her interact with each of them individually and as a group.
And so sweet how she still was very concerned with each of them and their feelings.

I have been praying.
Praying so hard for her this year.
It's been a year of transition and she has adjusted beautifully.
And I have seen her growing into a complex girl with the biggest heart.
And gosh am I proud of her.
We are so different in so many ways and as she matures and changes I am finding we are much more alike in a lot of ways.
I'll continue to pray for her heart. For her connections with others, for her confidence and for her future.
She's so special and so unique.
I hope she feels from the core of her being how much we love and adore her today and always.

We love you Lani.
Happy happy birthday LuBug.
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


...this day 7 years ago like it was this morning.
Lisa giving birth to a little girl and me feeling labor coming on.
Time flies.
Trying to hold on to these moments...
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The weekend thus far...


hawkeye's not discuss it
time spent with family...check check check

sunday morning brunch...check

celebrate lani and macy's 7th bdays and aylas 3rd bday...check check
take some pics of lani before her "friend party"...check

and i'm quick going to pick up the big chunks and then head out and pick up lani's 3 friends for a little party.
it's been a great weekend so far.
but there's a chance i'm going to collapse into bed tonight.
and finally tomorrow, i feel like my new life is going to start.
back to a routine.
finish setting up this house.
lots to do, but i'm soooo ready to have a schedule and a budget and some structure in my life.
minus the hawkeye outcome, it's been a nearly perfect weekend.
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