Sunday, October 31, 2010

2 pictures

that about sums up our halloween season this year.
i simply took 2 photos.
i got lani and ayla's costumes at a 2nd hand store and just picked ones they had in their sizes.
brigg wore a sweatshirt from last year.
we did not carve pumpkins. this is crazy for us. this is the first year paul and i haven't carved pumpkins since we started dating in 1996.
i'm kinda of disappointed, but i honestly had no desire this year. we were just too crazy busy this past week.
i haven't even unpacked our halloween stuff, so they didn't have their trick-or-treating bags.

but see that silver van there on the right that the kids are running towards?
that's our new automobile.
so at least i can say that...we have a new old mini van...

so this is it.
i took 2 photos from trick-or-treating.
no pumpkin carving.
no pumpkin gut throwing fight.
no pumpkin carving contest.
bummer for the kids.
less stress for me. :)

but they are happy because brenda, bode and boone showed up today and are spending the night.
we get to spend the day with them tomorrow before they head back to the 90 degree weather in florida.
we are taking them on a fall walk tomorrow.
letting them soak it all up so they don't forget us in iowa.
and that makes up for the last of fall festivities this year.
happy halloween!
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Beckysblog said...

good for you for realizing your limits!

next year you can go back to some of the traditions!

Naomi said...

I'm so glad you're a minivan mom too! I get made fun of for it a lot.