Wednesday, October 27, 2010

And now I'll cry...

She's seven today.

She has such an awesome birth story.
We didn't know if she was a boy or a girl, but we were certain she was a BOY.
We were certain no matter how many children we had, they would be all boys.
I knew that God knew I didn't know how to deal with girls.
And then she was born.
And Paul said, "It's a BOY" at the exact same time the doctor said, "It's a GIRL".
So I say, "WELL?!? What IS it?A boy or girl?"
The doctor nodded and smiled and said, "It's a giiiiiiirl."
(i have 2 words for paul...umbilical cord)
I remember so vividly turning to Paul with tears in my eyes and saying "A GIRL? Oh my gosh! I didn't know I wanted a girl!!"

And that was the beginning of this 7 year journey.
It was a rough go for us at first.
Surgeries and doctors appointments and eye education and patching and contacts.
Not what we had expected or hoped for.
But what we didn't know we needed.
Just like our Lani.
A new perspective.
A baby girl.

And here we are 7 years later.
She is amazing.
She is my "worrier".
She is very concerned with feelings and emotions.
She is so independent in social settings, but loves to snuggle with Paul and I every day.
And Sunday was the first day I had seen Lani with a group of little girls...enjoying herself.
It was so fun to see her interact with each of them individually and as a group.
And so sweet how she still was very concerned with each of them and their feelings.

I have been praying.
Praying so hard for her this year.
It's been a year of transition and she has adjusted beautifully.
And I have seen her growing into a complex girl with the biggest heart.
And gosh am I proud of her.
We are so different in so many ways and as she matures and changes I am finding we are much more alike in a lot of ways.
I'll continue to pray for her heart. For her connections with others, for her confidence and for her future.
She's so special and so unique.
I hope she feels from the core of her being how much we love and adore her today and always.

We love you Lani.
Happy happy birthday LuBug.
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Jennie Peakin said...

There are NO WORDS to describe how much we love you Lani! I will never forget the day you were born either!!! My FIRST niece!

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful (inside and out!) 7 year old I know!!!!

Love you LuLu!

Cindy said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile, and I think this is my first comment...cant remember!
Just had to say what a beautiful little girl you have, and that this post brought tears to my eyes. I dont know what it was about it. It was just very touching.
Hope your sweet girl has a wonderful day!
(I found your blog through Jody, who I found through Tesi. I "know" Tesi through Ethiopian adoption case you were wondering how I found you!)

Candi said...

Happy happy birthday sweet girl! You fill us all who know you to the very rim! You are the most helpful, sweet and considerate little lady I know. You have a heart as big as Texas and we love you more every day.... sigh! God has given each & all of us a special gift in you.
Love you so much!!
Nana S : )

Allison said...

Happy Birthday Lani!!! Gosh Cassie, 7 years, really???? That doesn't even seem possible! I still remember her as the little girl I knew in Washington IA. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I loved all of the pics of her party! I hope she has a great 7th birthday today!

Amy said...

She is 7 and she is BEAUTIFUL! And it sounds like her heart is just as beautiful as the rest of her! Happy Birthday, Lani! :)

Heather said... sweet!!! Hope her day was special!!!!