Thursday, October 14, 2010

ok...i think that catches me up photo-wise

all caught up.
i seriously have not taken any picks of moving IN.
need to do that.
but i'm preparing for a trip and i've had classes and stuff.
so it'll have to be next week.
but trust me. it's pretty awesome here.
feeling kind of spoiled actually.
and i know you're not supposed to love "stuff", but i do love my attached garage.
and my main floor laundry.
and my yard...oh how i love my yard.
it's great.

my class the past couple of days was amazing.
felt passionate again about something i had lost along the way these past few years.
it was exciting.
i felt my pulse racing a couple of times.
The Struggling Reader K-2 was the class.
pretty intense and lots of info...but i loved every minute.
(except the MISSING AYLA part of it!)

we are slowly unpacking and at this rate we may not be done until NEXT halloween.
but that's ok. i really don't feel any pressure.
and that, my friends, is awesome.


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