Tuesday, October 19, 2010

preparing to head out...

We realized late last night that we hadn't gotten a single picture together.
So this is it...our documentation of our first visit as "long distance friends".

Not super pretty.
Which is perfect for our friendship.
No false pretenses, often messy but always real.

So I'm hiding in my room.
I hear them all awake out there, getting ready for the day.
Maybe if I don't go out, I won't have to leave. :)

It's been a great few days. My soul will rest easier.
But gosh, I will miss her just as much!
So that kinda sucks.

Can't wait to get home to my family though.
And I feel refreshed and ready to dive into the busy week ahead.
That's what good friendship will do for you.

Thanks Jody...love ya.
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