Monday, October 18, 2010


Fun dinner out tonight with some of Jody's "Denver Girls".
Yummy dinner, more deep discussions, good times.
The blogs are really an amazing way to "meet" people. I love it.
There was no small talk. We were way past that.
Right down to the good stuff.
LOVED that.

And I finally got to meet TISHA!!!
When I knew I was coming to the Springs, I knew I had to get together with Tisha.
She showed up at Jody's door tonight and it was so easy.
Within 5 minutes we had covered church, adoption, children and marriage. :)
Kidding...kind of.
Never a doubt in my mind that it would be awkward.
She is just as I expected...only better.
And shorter.
For real.
At the end of the night I asked Jody to take our photo.
And as I stood next to her I said, "Oh great...I'm going to look like an amazon next to you."
And look.
I did...

But that's ok. I don't mind making others feel good about themselves.
A great evening, indeed.
Makes me love this blogland even more.

Thanks girls! It was fun.
And I'll be back...most definitely on a Monday night someday soon.
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Tisha said...

Cassie, It was completely awesomer (yes, that's right, awesomer) to meet you in real life!! You are even better than I expected, and I already knew you were really great. Thanks so much.
Come back to Colorado soon!!
I already miss you. :)

Angela said...

yay! so glad to finally meet you IRL.
i look fwd to you coming back to our little table talk soon!
have a great trip back!

Beckysblog said...

So glad you are having a great time!

Holly said...

so this is good.
rather than be jealous I'll just think that we are that much closer to meeting eachother because that seems to be the way things are rolling lately. ;-)

so fun!

and Tisha IS adorable.
and I looked WAY more like a mamouth next to her than me!

Courtney said...

i want to meet tisha! and YOU! :-) man...the blogworld is fun!