Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Moving OUT

We had quite the couple of days the week we moved out.
But we loved the POD.
(and we especially loved the SOLD sign!!)

Ayla truly was amazing.
We gave her zero attention and she just hung out while we packed.
The empty POD...

Loading the POD took longer than we expected.
It was basically Paul, my dad, and myself.
And I did very little.
Except photograph them while the moved the million pound, 100 year-old piano.

we could not have done it without my dad.
And I cannot believe it, but I didn't take a photo of the full POD.
And it was like a piece of art.
Have I ever mentioned that pack has mad packing skills.

It's like a God-given gift.
He packs like no other.
But I'm thinking I didn't get a photo of it because we finished at like 3am the night before they picked it up.
It was dark.
And we were half dead.
But very Very VERY happy.
It was a good day.
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