Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Willow has had an even crazier month than us.
First of all...she got spayed.
Right after we moved out of the house she had grown to love. :)
And then, a week later, she got groomed.


She needed it.
I sent a couple pics to the breeder and got some terrible news.
Willows mom had gone in to be spayed and it seemed as though everything was fine.
Then right before Ronda (the breeder) went to pick her up, she laid down and died.
Ugh...made me sick.
She was only 6.
And Ronda and her family LOVED her so much.
Very sad.

Anyway, Willow loves it here now.
So hopefully all the madness was worth it!
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Cara Hoherd said...

My inlaws just had to put their dog down a couple of months ago and I am practically begging them to get a laboradoodle! My friend also has one and it's the sweetest, smartest dog in the WORLD!!! Willow is just darling- that FACE kills me! I swear, those dogs are just like humans.