Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We call him Bonecrusher

For real.
That's what we called him all season.
Ayla would yell at the games "c'mon BONECRUSHER!!"

But that doesn't say much, because she also yelled several times...
"Let's goooo! GOOD fumble!"

It was tackle football.
They played 4 games.
Every. single. game. was BEAUTIFUL weather.
(well the first one misted a little bit, but it was good football weather.)
We were very lucky.
Brigg was fairly hesitant.
He's not super physically aggressive by nature, so he didn't love it at first.
But by the end of the season, he was hooked.
He can't wait for next year.
It was a good season.
And I'm hoping for lots of years of football.
I do love me some football!!
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