Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A common theme these days when I get out the camera...

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I tried

They had matching shirts on today.

Very cute, matching shirts.

And I am assuming this will be the end of Ayla photo shoots for a few years.

I tried, but I couldn't even get a single decent one. I wasn't asking for a miracle. Just decent.

Not happening today.
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Look Mom! No hands!



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The nature center

We had Lani's first preschool field trip today.

We went to the Nature Center. It was perfect out!

And I love Lani's teachers. They are the best.

I love her Pre-K class. They do one field trip a month for the whole year. It's so fun for them AND for the parents, too.
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Lani: Mom, did God make the whole wide world?
Me: He DID! Isn't that amazing??!?
Lani: (eyes bulging, and shaking her head yes, that it is amazing) Wow. He must be TIRED!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Can't sleep

Really, I should be in bed.
But I just can't sleep. I've tried everything. Seems like these eyes will not close before midnight...ever.
So all these thoughts are rattling around in my head, the most recent being,
"I wonder where Lani put all that candy she collected at Tate's party. I sure could use some."
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No school today.
Brigg stayed the night at a friends....which should make for a wonderful, well-rested afternoon. Um yeah.
Dentist appointments at 1:00.
Ayla is teething...I'm pretty sure she's getting 3 teeth at one time. Fun.
Paul started his new job today! Didn't have to be to work until 8:00. He was smiling as he walked out the door.
And so the week begins...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Final Party Post

Brandon and Tate

Jennie and Ayla

All the Peakins

Ayla and Dad

It was a great day! The kids had a ball, Chris and Brenda's house was perfect for accomodating everyone, the company was fabulous.
It's always so fun to see Brandon and Tate interact. It's such a blessing having Brandon and all the Shingledeckers at these events.
So thankful for this 2 year old little man. So proud I get to be his aunt.
Love you Tater Tot!!!
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Party Post #3

Sean finally had to break the shark

And when he did, the kids hit the jackpot...perfect after NO naps-sugar.

Chris helped fix the pinata at one point. Obviously, he is a Stewart.
Duct tape.

And the 2 baldies fixing it one more time so we could get a few more hits in.
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Party Post #2

Brandon feeding Tate more sugar.

Bode right before he almost had to have his leg amputated after scraping it on a branch.
(Did I fail to mention that NONE of the children got naps pre-party time?)

Singing to Tater

The boys after lots of food and celebrating. This was shortly before we packed up and headed out...we were beat.
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Party Post #1

The much anticipated cake..

The kids...

The birthday boy and his favorite gift.

And the pinata (hitting livi in the head!)

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Baby Jasmine!!!

Before we headed to Tate's party, we made a little side trip to visit my cousin and her newest family member.
What a DOLL!!!!

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