Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday OLD man!!

Love you dear!!

and you might have a couple other admirers as well....
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ayla and her daddy

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Guess where we were tonight...

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It's just been the girls during the days this week.
Ayla appears to be a bit better today.
Still warm this morning, but not burning up.
Hoping that means she's on the mend.

Nalani has had soccer camp each morning this week.
She enjoys it.
But really, she enjoys most anything.
Don't think it's her "passion" by any means.
I need to get this girl into ART camp!

This morning we were sitting at breakfast and Nalani says,
"Mom, I can't help it. I miss Brigg so much ALREADY!"
Me too, Lani.
Me too.

The carnival is coming to town this weekend.
We are distracting Lani with wristband night.
She's very excited, but said she wished Brigg were coming with her.
I have a feeling I'll be riding the tilt-o-whirl until I puke.
Paul isn't big on spinning rides.
Lani is.
So I am! :)

I have a feeling Ayla will be more of the upside-down-12-times roller-coaster type girl.
Just a hunch I have...
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what can i say...we're bored.

Ayla is still sick. Unless I keep meds on board 24/7, her fever spikes.
We'll see how tonight goes.
But as for today, we have been bored.
So we did a lot of this...

We tried unsuccessfully to get us both in the frame.
And she TRULY was trying. It was cute.
And then she gave up...

And I just loved this photo of her.
A bit of foreshadowing maybe?!?
I'm not sure if she realizes yet how many baseball games she has to look forward to watching! :)

Now I am going to try and sleep.
She is sleeping.
Nalani is sleeping.
Paul is sleeping.
I bet Brigg is sleeping.
Now mommy can sleep.
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She's very serious

about her reading.
It took a while though.
She used to not be able to sit for more than a page or two.
Now she'd let me read to her all day long.
And recently she has started reading TO me.
She's a good reader...

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7am departure from our driveway.
It was hard saying goodbye to Bode...not sure when I'll see him again.
Brigg was more than ready to head out for a week.
I was not ready to send him.
But I did.
And away they went....

Now it's quiet.
No fighting going on.
Ayla is sleeping (still has a fever).
And Lani and I are about to start a serious game of UNO.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sick and tired

Ayla is sick.
Up most of the night.
Which means we are both tired.
And I have a ton to do to get Brigg ready to fly out in the morning.
But all I want to do is take a shower and crawl into bed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is it.

I more posts!
It was a busy, fun, exhausting day.
Lots of climbing and bending and hiking.
Maybe not the best choice the day after our race, but so so fun.
This is what we love.
Our very best memories as a family always involve those things.

Next time we will remember flashlights.
And wear older clothes.
And bring our camper and stay for the night.
A great day.
And I really wanted a great day today.
Brigg leaves on Tuesday for a week.
We are starting to miss him!
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