Thursday, December 31, 2009

The skateboard

I asked Lani what her favorite gift was this year for Christmas.
It was a quick, easy answer.
"My skateboard!"

I knew that's what she would say.
She's been asking for one all year.
And the look on her face when she opened it was priceless.

She was literally shaking when she told me she got a skateboard.
(for some reason she didn't know i watched her open it).
And then she started talking about skating competitions.
That would be so fun!

And a picture with Nana B right after she opened it.
How sweet is this...
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2009 is ending TODAY.
So we decided to mark down a ton of stuff on the water4christmas etsy shop.
The vast majority of the items have been marked down 50%.
Go check it out. I'm guess they sell pretty fast!
Happy new year!!

Couldn't resist posting a few more.

he's just so sweet...

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The kids love them.
And I got the Snuggie knock-offs on etsy.
Ayla got a little one in the same material as Lani's.
I just couldn't catch her in it.

Brigg said, " we are free to use our arms!"
Very important in a blanket indeed.
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the best part of cookie decorating.

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Cookie Decorating...

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So last night.
It was interesting.
Definitely fun moments, but also some stressful ones.
I wasn't really prepared.
11 seemed to be our number.
As we were driving there, I noticed on a bank sign it was 11 degrees.
Some of you may not even know what that feels like.
Trust's cold. Painfully cold.

Then we had to park what felt like 11 miles from the arena.
The parking was horrible and I didn't know.
The big kids had no hats or mittens.
And here are another random 11 moments....
The number of times I almost fell on the super slippery sidewalk while carrying Ayla and while Lani was holding on to my coat so she wouldn't get lost in the mad rush to the stadium...11.
Number of miles to the stadium from our car...11.

Number of items we had to carry to our seats after getting our free hot dogs and sodas...11.
Number of times/half that Ayla said she had to go potty...11.
Number of times Ayla asked for her green blankie that was on the couch at home...11.

Number of points the Hawkeyes got beat by...11.
Number of miles BACK to the car after the game...11.
Did I mention the temperature?...11.

Number of times Ayla screamed "AYLA GO POOPIE!!!!!"...11.
Weird, huh....especially considering she never actually went poopie when I took her.

With that being said, we did have a fun time.
It was a pretty packed game for the Hawkeyes.
We cheered loud.
And just so you know, Ayla only actually went potty once.
And she insisted on taking off her boots and socks.
And texting.
Lots of texting.
My cell phone still has alarms going off today.

Next time I will request seats NOT right in the middle of a row.
And we'll bring Paul.
And I'll remember hats and mittens and GREEN BLANKIE.
But we will do it again.
And I did get a "Mom, you're the best mom in the world." a couple times out of Brigg.
So that's good.

Family starts coming today to celebrate the Stewart Christmas.
So we'll have some more distractions.
I'm ready for 2010.
Bring it!
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Some pics from last night...

I didn't take a ton because I was a little busy, but here are a few.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kinda excited...

Paul's stuck in bed. Can barely move.
It's Christmas break. The kids and I are getting stir crazy.
Saw a 4-pak deal for the Hawkeye basketball game and decided to go for it.
I'm taking all three kids (who have been fighting all day long) to the game by myself.
It'll be fun, right?!?
Wish me luck...

2 women left standing...

this stomach bug apparently has a 1 wk incubation period.
ayla had it.
one week later brigg came down with it.
and today week after brigg's bout.
lani and i are the only ones left standing.
we'll see in a week if that still stands true.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Menu planning.
Grocery shopping.
Lots to do.

Winter Concert

Last Monday Brigg and Lani had their Christmas concert for school.
They were hilarious posing in front of the tree.
Can you feel the love?

(with a little tast of pantless ayla.)

Oh Brigg.
I told him to strike a pose.
He struck a few.

And the ones from the concert were pretty boring.
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Gift opening...

This was the first year Ayla enjoyed it.
She just loved ripping the paper.

Lani freaked about her skateboard from Nana and Papa.
She said, "The sooner I can start practicing, the sooner I can compete!"
What?!? :)

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series for Brigg.
He was happy.

And Macy loved the "Friends" Painting from Lani.
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The babies

Mine are no longer in this category.
It's kind of nice.
I love holding these little ones and then handing them back over to be nursed or changed or whatever.
I think that's a good sign that you are officially done having babies.
But man...they are sweet.

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Random Christmas

When the snow started, the snowflakes were unreal. They truly looked like cotton balls falling from the sky. The most gigantic snow flakes we had ever seen. It was pretty late, but we got the kids up to check them out.


Book reading...
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