Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Yeah, I figured that out on my own."

(jody just sent this to me knowing i would love it. and I DO!)

You have to be kidding me.
He was 14 years old when he "figured that out on his own".
That's amazing.
You need to watch this video and you can read the story HERE.

More scenes...

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Ok...I need to make a list

I'm getting kind of nervous. I feel like I'm forgetting something.
SO MUCH going on. My head is spinning.
Trying to get raffle tickets sold for Brigg and Lani's fall festival that happens Friday night.
Which, by the way, if you want any...leave a comment! :)
They have some big big prizes.
I'm serious.
They just added a 7 night lodging at Wyndham Resort in Cozumel, Mexico from
“Diving with Tal”.
For real, I'm buying some more tickets! :) That sounds nice!
Plus, I signed up to make a million cookies for the bake sale.
It was a bit out of guilt because we are not going to be here for the big festival.
I'm going to be out of town and so is Paul. So the kids are staying with my sister and her fam.
They are pretty sad too miss the big event, but still excited to see the Peakins and celebrate Taters birthday with them.
So Ayla and I will be baking tomorrow.
Lots of baking.

Ayla has decided it is time to be potty trained.
Not a good time for potty training though. She'll be busy all weekend at my sister's house.
And I know how it goes with beginning pottiers. (is that a word?)
But today she insisted on running around naked and she did go on the toilet 4 times.
Are you kidding?
I'm not really ready for this.

I'm heading out this weekend and need to have some things figured out before leaving.
I need to pack for the kids and separate for myself.
I need to learn how to sew real quick. HA!
But I already feel like I'm forgetting something.
Plus, I want to have the house "show-ready" just in case.
(although chances of a showing are slim.)

Not to mention spelling tests and book reports and soccer and gymnastics and piano and and and...........

See? I need to make a list.

She kinda has her nanas figured out...

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some scenes from the orchard...

Macy found some corn.

The girls just love running off together...far away from everyone else.

And Donna just loves lovin' on her babies.

And honestly, Ayla loves Tony.
She's always just happy to have him hold her.
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Who's who...the Stewarts

My parents, Larry and Candi.
(my dad just had eye surgery and one of the lenses was out of his glasses, so it looks a little funny)


Me, my mom and my sister Jennie.

Jennie's husband Sean and son Tate.
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Who's who...the Burback side

Some asked for a rundown of who's who.
So this is it.
We'll start with Paul's side.
He has 2 sister and his mom and dad.
Tom was one of the ones who could not make it this year, so he is not pictured here.
But this is Paul's sister, Erin.
She's his youngest sister.
She and her husband Luke are expecting their first child in December.

This is Paul's sister Lisa, her husband Tony, and their 2 girls Macy and Hadley

And here's Paul's mom, Donna, with her 3 kids.
She was in heaven.

And Donna with her grandkids...minus the one on the way...
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The Orchard

So this is the reason for the trip.
Or at least this is what we claim to be the reason...

The first year we made the trek to Gays Mills,WI to go to an apple orchard,
we passed a piece of cardboard stuck in the ground with a stake that read
"Pick Your Own"
It was written in black sharpie.
We passed it by and went to this huge orchard where the apples are already bagged and there are millions of people milling around. We bought gallons of apple cider and cheese curds and pounds of apples. And it took all of 15 minutes.
Then we looked at eachother and said, "Now what?"
This wasn't exactly the kind of orchard we were expecting.

So my dad said, "Hey, we passed the little cardboard sign that said pick your own. Maybe we should go check it out."
So we did.
And we were sold.
That year there were only 7 of us.
And Brigg was a mere 3 months old.

This year there were seventeen of us.
And Brigg is 8 years, 3 months old.
And there are several more children now!

And there is no longer a cardboard sign, but it's still so nice and the people are so friendly.
They take our photo every year and we talk about past years.
So fun.
My most favorite family tradition!
And one that I'm quite certain our kids will never forget.
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The house came with
2-4 wheelers
1 Go Kart
1 Kayak
2 Snow mobiles
lots of fishing poles
and on and on.

After we returned from the orchard on Saturday, we filled the rest of the day with testing out all the toys. And I'm pretty sure the adults appreciated them more than the kids.

Too too fun....
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The girls

They love to match.
And they are so cute...

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Here they come...

as i'm sorting through these, i'm just going to start posting.
if it's too much for you, disregard.
i apologize.

The night we arrived, we had some time to kill before everyone starting rolling in. The house we stayed in was incredible. And a complete gift from one of Paul's co-workers.
A huge home that sat on this amazing piece of property.
It was like a dream.

So the first evening, Paul, the kids and I went on a little walk to discover what was out there.
It was so fun.
Woods, a little stream and a tree swing.

The sun was setting and it was beyond beautiful. Not another house in sight. Just the sound of the stream and the kids giggling. Almost too much for my heart to take.
They are getting so fun to take on this trip.

Each year gets a little better. And this year was the best, by far.
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A little taste...

Lots of photos to sort through.
Here's a little sample of what's to come over the next couple days...

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