Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I really need to download photos...

I need to get some new photos downloaded because I am fully aware that my words are getting quite boring and repetetive.
We just seem busy all the time.
Paul has another full house inspection tonight, along with Radon.
Brigg has soccer.
And I am supposed to meet with our "tax guy" this evening.
Could be interesting. I'm trying to manipulate naptime so Ayla is sleeping while he is here.
We'll see how that goes.
I spent most of my day yesterday in the kitchen and by 8:30 last night, as I tucked the last clean sheet into the last bed, i realized I was DONE. I did not clena up the kitchen and am just getting to it right now.
So there you have it.
Another exciting day in the life....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Monday

Lani has snack.
I have food for group tonight....AND a doctor's appointment.
Brigg has piano.
Paul has an inspection after work.
Found out the people that came for the second showing went with another house.
We are having another open house on Saturday.
But I'm not going to lie...I can't do this much longer.
It's frustrating.
I stripped every single bed in the house today and am washing sheets.
I wish I could open the windows and air everything out.
I feel claustrophobic.
It's another Monday indeed.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


A snowstorm hit us last night....hopefully the final one of the year!
So today we have been couped up most of the day. We didn't venture out at all.
Around 3:00 or so, Brigg started acting insane. It was like he couldn't function because there was too much energy built up inside. It was so weird. He lost all control of his emotions. He was acting completely obnoxious and loud and spastic.
For several hours.
Finally, at 7:30 I snapped. I told him to go put his coat and shoes on.
He stopped in his tracks (for the first time in 4 hours) and said, "Why?"
I said, "Because you are going outside and running 10 laps around the house."
He smiled and said, "Ok!"
And he did.
He ran 10 laps.
It worked.
He is now in bed, fast asleep.
This is new to me. He needs lots of activity. Or he goes nuts, I go nuts, and Paul especially goes nuts.
But I do think I'm going to have to come up with some activities other than just running laps.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Simply Amazed...

I watch the images on the following trailer and it brings tears to my eyes.
Simply a gift from God.
A gift.
I pulled the following from another blog I follow.
My heart resonates with this:
"God has said that He has created this wonderland, this place of majesty and might, so that "everyone will see [it, and so that] no one can miss it— unavoidable, indisputable evidence that I, God, personally did this. It's created and signed by The Holy of Israel" (Isaiah 41:20). Who are we to question our duty to treasure and cherish this gift? We would never refute a Christian's calling to preach the Gospel by word or deed. Why, then, are we quick to shove the very creation upon which we stand aside, declaring it ours for the taking, assuming no passion or fear or respect for what God designed as His most faithful evangelist? It was the Pharisees, those who considered themselves the most devoted in their religion, who were stunned to hear that, even if Jesus' disciples kept quiet, the stones themselves would cry out (Luke 19:40). Oh, that we were more aware of the hallelujahs going up around us every moment!"

I can promise you we will be watching this in April.
And standing in awe and God's creation.

The latests from Burbackville...

So here's the deal.
Paul had a little "procedure" done yesterday afternoon to insure that there will be no more biological baby Burbacks running around here.
He is fine.
I was slightly freaked out.
But I do believe I would have been freaked out even if I had 10 children.
Because it is a life-changing procedure.
It is a line in the sand that says there is no going back. (and after the little "procedure" was completed, Paul made it known that it will never...not EVER...be reversed. so yes, there is NO going back.)
So we drew the line.
And I struggled with it.
Because I could have 10 more babies...at a minimum.
I love delivering babies.
I love holding babies and sleeping with babies on my chest.
But the reality is, I would not be able to handle 13 TEENAGERS.
So the line is drawn.
And I think it was just the actual decision that was a problem.
Now that it's all said and done, I feel like we are moving into a new season of our lives.
And it's going to be great.
Each one just gets better...

Friday, March 27, 2009

"Show me your teeth..."

This is Ayla's latest "trick".
She now can point to her nose, eyes, ears, head, tummy, feet, mouth, tongue,
and most importantly, she can identify her TEETH.
I'll say, "Ayla, show me your teeth!"
And no matter what she's doing, or what she has in her mouth, she'll do this...

And then she gets really proud of herself.

I can't take it.
I love her so much.
And she really makes me laugh.
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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Couple things

1. No begging was necessary. They had spaces left to get Brigg on a little league team. I almost cried tears of joy.

2. Our showing last night was a man "previewing" houses while his wife was out of town. Our realtor emailed today saying ours "made the cut". They are coming, as a couple, to look again tomorrow at 2:00. Trying not to get my hopes up, but that is encouraging.

3. $350 later, car window is no longer stuck in the down position.

4. 1 month into piano lessons and Brigg "played" his first song. It was called "Ding Dong" (like a door bell). Very cute. It's fun to go through the books with him. He seems to be enjoying it. And he loves Miss Sara.

5. I've decided I need to have showings at least every other day. It makes the preparations a little easier. It forces me to stay on top of things. Paul thinks we should just keep the house on the market indefinitely and never accept any offers. He likes living in a clean, tidy house all the time. :) That says a lot about my normal housekeeping skills, doesn't it!

Ok...that was more than a couple. My internet has been down and it just came back up. I had just finished watching a great Grey's Anatomy and wanted to get a quick blog in before heading to bed. Crazy, crazy day tomorrow. I could possibly be a wreck...for numerous reasons. Not sure when I'll get to posting. And they say snow is coming. SERIOUSLY?!? Of course...this is Iowa.

I have no idea what I'm doing

That is how I feel most days.
I truly have no idea how to parent these children.
Plus, I had no idea they already had little league sign-ups.
And Brigg has been waiting to be a part of little league for over 2 years.
I missed it.
And now I don't know if he'll get on a team...which makes me feel awful.
I'm bad at this stuff. The organizing, the planning, the meetings and sign-ups and the paperwork you need to bring to all of them. Why would you need a birth certificate to sign up for little league?! I would have never known that.
So now I must beg. Beg them to let Brigg on a team.
The whole "sports" world is new territory for me. Not sure I'm going to love it.
I can feel so many transitions happening in my life right now. It kind of feels chaotic.
And stressful.
I hope I get better. I hope I don't repeatedly let them down. But I have a feeling I will.
I'm just not good at this.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Seems like it's already been a busy week.
Had a showing on Monday evening. Yesterday we got lots of questions asked by the buyers, so we know they are at least interested. And we have another showing this afternoon. Things are picking up a little bit. Which is good, but also stressful.
Paul had a home inspection and a radon inspection already this week, too.
Each time we truly think about moving, our stomaches flip a little bit.
On the health front, things seem to be improving. We are just down to Ayla having a little bit of congestion hanging on. Other than that, we made it through all 5 of us getting it. Whew!
Yesterday my window was stuck in the "down" position. And it was pouring.
People were looking at me like I was crazy. I was soaking wet...driving with my window down.
So the car is in the shop today getting repaired hopefully. It's alwasy something.
I've been reading some new books and getting new perspectives on much.
Off to get this place in order for our next showing!


Beach pics are the best!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Our last night

Right before we headed out the door to Sharky's on our last night, we decided to have a little photo shoot in the back yard in front of this very cute palm tree.

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Monday, March 23, 2009


It's just been a weird day.
Feeling totally disconnected.
I'm not sure why.
Maybe it's just this season of life. Ayla is at that age that makes it difficult to take her anywhere for any length of time.
I feel like we are transitioning into a new phase. Each day Ayla gets older...and so do we. No more babies around this house and it's a weird thought. Is it possible that we have passed through the college years, the "newly married" years, the childbearing years?!?! Apparently it is. And this is a bit scary to me today.
So I'm feeling weird.
And old.
Oh yes, and fat. Very fat after vacation.
And obviously very random.
Good night...

And the week begins

I must say, I loved getting home on Friday! Usually when we travel, we come home on Sunday and get thrown back into the week. It was so nice to have the weekend to finish recovering, unpack, do laundry, work around the yard and be together.
Today is a busy day topped off with a showing at 5:15.
We got all our flower beds cleaned out and new mulch put in this weekend. It looks so much better. And until things green up around here, any sprucing up will only help.
Paul has a home inspection tonight and also picks up a radon detector.
Brigg was almost giddy this morning as he walked out the door to head to school. He starts spring soccer through the Y this week and he's so excited about that.
We are starting to get out schedule of activities worked out for the summer. It's hard to pick and choose. The kids want to do everything. And it gets pretty expensive and time consuming.
I was filling out my calendar and marked down "Kindergarten Round-up". WHAT?!? I'm not ready to send Lani off. She's my little helper. My little snuggler. I can't even think about sending her off to school yet. So I won't. Denial. That'll work for now.
So it's cleaning today. Preparations for our showing. Not my favorite thing to do, but happy that people are starting to look.

The pool

Brigg and Macy decided to jump in the pool fully clothed.
Lani was not feeling well at this point, but decided she wanted to get out of her pj's and into clothes so she could jump in.
This is all the further she got.
She tried to give me a smile, but she was very weak and tired.

There were a couple mornings when the meds kicked in and she felt well enough to swim.
She really does love playing in the pool...

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here and there

there's a good chance you will continue to see pictures from florida popping up here and there over the next week or so. i want to get a few more on my blog for documenting purposes.

more fun around the pool

And one night we took the 3 kids out to dinner while mom stayed home with ayla.
we sat outside on the water and saw 3 dolphins swim by!
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World Water Day

Today is world water day.
Watch this video and consider becoming a voice.
85% of the population without clean drinking water.
Watch and then join...

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Seriously, she wasn't even swollen.
Her ankles are really just that big...
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i love numbers.
i really do.
i could spend a whole day playing with numbers...crunching them, rearranging a budget, etc.
i remember as a child when people would ask me my favorite subject in school i would say "math and reading".
and it holds true today.
i finished up our taxes last night. and i had a headache.
i don't love finding receipts and organizing them and following rules.
that makes my love of numbers disappear out the door.
but this morning paul and i sat down together and figured out what our bottom dollar would be if we were to ever sell this house.
we talked about what our top dollar would be if we were to ever buy a different house.
we talked about what gets paid off in full and where any extra money would go.
and now i am more than ready to get this place sold.
it's kind of like starting fresh and new...doing things right this time.
it feels good.
plus, we filled out our march madness NCAA tournament brackets and that always boosts my spirits! :)
it's sunny out and paul and lani are working in the yard. ayla is napping and i'm finishing up getting everything unpacked and back in it's place.
showing on monday.
paul has a home inspection and a radon inspection on monday as well.
life keeps moving forward no matter what we do.
i need to work on just enjoying the ride...

Friday, March 20, 2009

The boys

I kind of feel like I have been focusing on the girls and how sick they were on our trip.
Well the boys were not.
And they had a pretty good time together.
They hit a Cardinals spring training game...

Hung out in the hot tub together...

Paul threw Brigg around a little bit...

And they spent some time walking on the beach.

Pretty amazing boys I have here.
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i have nearly pulled out all my hair.
but i think i have officially gotten our taxes organized and ready to take to our tax preparer.
we'll see if she agrees.
i'm exhausted.
and frustrated.
and tired.
and also quite certain i am coming down with "the bug" the kids had in florida.
good night.


lani is fine.
ayla has some issues.
she's on the healing end of an ear infection.
she has some "air way irritation". whatever that means.
she may have asthma.
we are doing breathing treatments again.
and if her fever goes back up we are to start an antibiotic.
i think we are all just tired.
and possibly a bit crabby.
plus i still have to do taxes....which i'm working on right now.
that's it. hoping she is on the road to being better. seemed like she was getting better, but just in the past couple of hours seems to be going downhilll again.
so so frustrating. i feel awful for her.

We're home

We've eaten lunch.
I have coffee brewing.
I changed Ayla's doctors appointment to Ayla and Lani's doctor's appointments.
Need to run to the bank and be at the doctor's at 2:30.
"You might have a bit of a wait" is what they told me.
And somehow my house is already trashed. How is that?!

But we are thankful.
Between nose wiping, med passing, rocking of babies, wiping of tears, we had several great moments. Lots of laughter, great company, perfect accomodations and palm trees for heaven's sake. I have nothing to complain about. So thankful we were at my mom and dad's house and not a hotel somewhere.
So it's good. Now I hope we get a glowing report from the doctor this afternoon. But I'm not crossing my fingers....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Goodbye Florida...

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More from our last night

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I was going stir crazy.
So we decided to head to Sharky's for our last night.
We truly hadn't been out of the house much all week.
Paul and Brigg did get to a Cardinals spring training game today.
But that didn't help MY cabin fever.
We got some great beach pics...

Oh and my wonderful mother.
We would have been a mess without her on this trip.
She was up every night with me, helping with the feverish children.
She cleaned up after us.
Cooked for us.
And was there whenever we needed an extra hand.
Oh yeah...and she opened her house to all of us...germs and all.

And my hubby.
Love him...
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The end

need to be out of the house and on the road around 5:45 am tomorrow.
ayla still has a fever.
we land at 10:30 tomorrow and it's a hour drive home.
ayla will be sitting in the doctor's office by 2:30.
we had moments.
moments of laughter and fun and relaxing.
but seriously....at least our house could have sold!
oh yeah...and a showing on monday at 5:15.
no break.
right back at it...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The kitchen counter...

And we didn't even have the Benedryl and Benedryl cream in this one.
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More surfing

It was fun, and made for great action shots.
Hey, we're trying to make the best of this.

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