Friday, March 6, 2009

New look for water4christmas

It has taken and bazillion man hours for Kari and Jody to get this site up and running, but as of today it is! And it's exciting!
Up until today when you visited, you were linked directly to our charity: water fundraising page. NOW, when you visit, you will go to our very sleek, very cool, beautifully designed by Kari, website!
We are hoping this will eliminate some confusion. From this site you will be able to donate, read about water, purchase t-shirts and much much more.
We are still offering the free shopping bag to all of our voices when they sign up. We have the bags and are packaging them today!
Along with the bags, we have two new t-shirts for sale. Go check them out. You will LOVE them! They are made in Africa and help support the people of Tanzania. They are great quality and super soft!
All for water. All these people tossing in their part, their talents, to bring clean water to West Africa. So go check it out and spread the word! When you get your bag, USE IT to share the passion you have for clean water.

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Candi said...

Oh ya, the t-shirts are great!!! Wow, great job gals!! :)