Thursday, March 12, 2009


So last night I had horrible nightmares. I think I was stressing about everything getting done. And my stress is double at this point because our house is going to be showing while we are gone. Not only showing, but it's a SECOND showing. The same people that looked at it on Sunday and looking again. So I really want it to be perfect. I want my 100 year old home to look and feel like a fresh, new construction home. NOT going to happen, I realize this. But I am going to give it a good shot. So when I finally fell asleep last night, I started dreaming. There were dreams of guns and wars and car accidents. I woke myself up at one point crying. For real. I woke Paul up, too. And then an hour or so later, I leaned over the side of my bed and swore I saw something very very scary...and weird. So I slowly leaned down and picked it up. I started turning it over in my hands, blinking and trying to adjust my eyes. As my brain started to function, I realized it was a bag of diapers. A bag of DIAPERS! Are you kidding me?!? It went well with the bush outside the window that I thought was a sniper, ready to attack my house. I am not kidding people. It was all my worst nightmares in one night. NOT a fun night. I'm not usually insane like this. It's the whole house thing. I can't deal with it. Not fun at all. We'll be on a plane in 22 hours and I will not think about this place for a week. I swear!


Jennie Peakin said...

You'll think about it when you get the call that there's an offer. :)

Heather said...

Wouldn't that just TOP your vacation off--a great getaway and selling your house all in the same week?! Hopefully, this is it!

Yeah, I agree. House on market with kids = much stress. Although, after 11 MONTHS, you get kinda used to it :)

Cassie said...

ah yes...a dream come true. i'm not getting my hopes up girls, but thanks for the positive thoughts! :)