Thursday, March 12, 2009

It happens every time...

...we go on a trip.
Paul and I almost get divorced by the time we hop in the car to head out.
And then we don't speak to eachother for the next hour or so.
It is one thing in my life I can totally count on.
I try so hard. I think that maybe if I get most everything done days in advance we can avoid the "Traveling Fight". But nope. Never works.
See, I start to panic. 24 hours in advance I start to just run around and start throwing things in bags. My list gets lost. My brain goes haywire and I start barking orders.
I. can't. help. it.
Truly can't.
I have our bags packed and laundry mostly caught up.
Gameboy, cell phone and camera batteries are plugged in a charging.
I have a list.
But my blood pressure is rising rapidly this morning.
I feel certain there is no way I can get everything done. No way.
So Paul calls to check in.
I answer in the "traveling tomorrow voice".
Paul says, "What's wrong?"
I say, "WE ARE LEAVING TOMORROW. I'm freaking out. And I will be freaking out all day. Just know that."
Because I have now given up on avoiding the "travel fight".
I am now embracing it. It is inevitiable. We all just need to accept it.
I swear I could see his face through the phone.
It wasn't happy.
And that made me all the more frustrated.
Doesn't he KNOW I do this? EVERY TIME?
Is it just me? I am just a raging lunitic?
More to come later on my "night before the day before traveling nightmares".
Good stuff...


Candi said...

Sounds all to familiar... I used to do the same thing BECAUSE guys just don't get it!! They just hop in the car and then when you get there, they say " did you pack my ???? , did you do ???? did you remember the ??? " That is when I LOSE it ;-) Do the best you can... all will be fine once strapped in the plane!! :) I hope we can all relax soon... including ME!! Sigh!!!!

Beckysblog said...

Im laughing here.
I really would like to witness this from the sidelines...
And seriously, I'd like to see a mad look on Paul. Because I've never seen it.

Dont worry Cassie, I do this too. Im a psycho, just like you!

Courtney said...

i TOTALLY know the feeling you're talking about. and i also know you'll most likely finish all you need to with time to spare. {because that's what happens to me, even though i "know" i won't finish...}

have a GREAT trip!!!

Melanie said...

Totally happens at our house. And it doesn't even have to be a big trip or vacation for it to occur. It can even be getting ready for church on Sundays!

Sara said...

TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!!! I am leaving tonight to go to a conference with Amy G. and Merti called to schedule a showing for tomorrow afternoon. I'm doing what I can, but Craig doesn't think it's any big deal. He can get ready for the showing. I'm freaking out too.