Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Update on the kids

Lani...slightly improved.
Ate a full meal tonight for the first time since the bug hit.
Fever was still hanging on this afternoon, but I sent her to bed with no meds on board and she didn't feel too bad.
This was her yesterday...not well at all.

Ayla...still feverish this evening. Runny nose. Cough.
Watery eyes. Just not her spunky self.
But cute as ever...

And poor Macy.
She caught it today.
She tried hard to enjoy the day, but she just wasn't feeling well.
Fell asleep on Lisa outside in the lounge chair.
That is NOT like her at all.

Brigg: well, you can be the judge of how he feels...

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Beckysblog said...

So basically, sick in Florida is still better than sick in Iowa!
Enjoy it as much as you can!