Tuesday, March 17, 2009

1/3 better

Another rough night last night.
Lani and Ayla burning up most of the night.
I was just up with Ayla.
Brigg slept all night and seems to be better today.
Ayla is showing a bit of improvement this afternoon, but that fever is still hanging on.
Lani was the last to get it and she's going through the worst of it right now.
She's in bed.
She tried to come out and be a part of Brigg and Macy's games, but she's just too tired.
So back to bed it was.
We leave early Friday, so we are closing in on the end of the vacation. Hopefully she's feeling better by tomorrow. I hate it when my kids are sick...

1 comment:

Heather said...

how are the kids today?? hopefully you are able to enjoy your last couple days without pumping everyone full of ibuprofin every few hours! We went from bad to worse here. one case of strep and one case of antibiotics not working. ugh.

here's to hoping that your day is a good one!!! :)