Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We tried

After school it was nice out. Really really nice.
The kids played outside for quite a while.
Then after supper we decided we should try to get in a walk before the weather turned on us.
We were so excited.

I swear from the moment we walked outside, in a matter of 5 minutes the temperature dropped drastically.
The wind started whipping around.

So Paul turned around and took Ayla home. She seriously acted like she couldn't breathe.
It was funny, but really she was not enjoying it.
I took the big kids to the play structure for a few minutes.

They ran around and burnt off some energy.
Look at those rosy cheeks!

We ended up lasting about 10 minutes at the park and I made them head home.
We checked the weather online when we got home.
80 and sunny in Florida.
2.5 days....
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