Monday, March 9, 2009


just feeling kind of icky today.
the sunshine and the warm temps are gone. i hear there is a chance of snow later this week.
physically not feeling the best. paul is still trying to get over and nasty cold. i'll probably get it just in time to go to florida. i'm drinking airborne like it's going out of style.
emotionally feeling a little wiped, too. just trying to keep it all together. i've been short with the kids...confining them to small spaces while i prepare of showings, getting on them about leaving things laying around the house and not picking up after themselves. it feels like that's all i'm doing lately...which is NOT like me. i'm not too particular in that area most of the time.
just trying to keep all my relationships in tact, but i'm just kinda crazy right now.
we leave in 4 days, so i'm starting to get the kids' things laid out on the dining room table while at the same time keeping our house in order. when we walk out the door on friday, this place needs to be in "showing" condition. which is not fun when you're trying to pack and prepare for a week long trip!
it will all get done. and then i have a week of not thinking about it. so excited for that!

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Tisha said...

Me too, me too....feeling kinda crazy. A week in Florida sounds AMAZING! Will be so fun, once you finally make it out the door of your show-ready house.