Monday, March 2, 2009

It happens every February.

I about lose my mind. It may be a little touch of S.A.D. (seasonal depression most common in those who live where there is less sun during a season).
Or it may be that I'm just plain stir crazy.
Either way, I about lose my mind.
I start dreaming of living far far away from this place. Possibly on a beach somewhere in a home with lots of windows. With soft, airy curtains that blow in the ocean breeze. And a big open deck that has steps down to the sand.
I can almost FEEL it.
Then I remember that we cannot afford a place like that. And that Paul would still go to work 5 days a week. And I'd still have to get the kids to school. And clean the house....and all that sand in the house would be AWFUL.
back to reality
so no beach. and no sun. and lots of snow and freezing temperatures.
But today is a good day. It's officially MARCH. Goodbye winter. It is supposed to warm up a bit this week (and then drop down next week into freezing temps again), and it will be nice to start to get glimpses of spring. Last week when it got up to nearly 60, I began to remember what I used to be like...before winter hit hard this year. And I like that person a lot better than I do this one.
Brigg starts piano lessons today with Sara. Super excited about that. Both of us.
No showings this last week.
Still trying to keep it in order, but losing my motivation since nobody has been looking.
Worked in the church nursery this weekend. Apparently diahrrea is going around.
We are healthy. (other than the SAD thing)
Much to be thankful for.
Oh...and 12 days til Florida. Yes, I am counting.

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Amy said...

I have been a bit that way, too, lately. I have been calling it a 'funk', and I hope it goes away soon.