Thursday, March 19, 2009


I was going stir crazy.
So we decided to head to Sharky's for our last night.
We truly hadn't been out of the house much all week.
Paul and Brigg did get to a Cardinals spring training game today.
But that didn't help MY cabin fever.
We got some great beach pics...

Oh and my wonderful mother.
We would have been a mess without her on this trip.
She was up every night with me, helping with the feverish children.
She cleaned up after us.
Cooked for us.
And was there whenever we needed an extra hand.
Oh yeah...and she opened her house to all of us...germs and all.

And my hubby.
Love him...
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Heather said...

pics are beautiful. you'd never know everyone was under the weather! took creighton in monday-strep and sinus infection. got sicker and sicker throughout the week so I took him back today-influenza A. safe travels for the return trip and good luck at the dr.! hopefully they can do something to help the poor little thing!