Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lani's day in review...

She woke up to the traditional balloons and donut cake.
Brigg jumped out from behind the couch and scared her and then carried her over to her seat.
It was adorable.

Then after school she got several calls wishing her a happy birthday.
This particular call was from Macy.
Too sweet...

Then we went on a hike.
Seriously...this is our backyard.
I love it.
LOVE it.
I had prepared a little scavenger hunt list.
So they were collecting items and putting them in a sack.
It was sooo windy, but so worth it.

Lani had requested spaghetti pie, cottage cheese and garlic bread for supper.
The easiest supper ever.
Then ice cream sundaes for dessert.
We sang to her again.
For the 4th time.
And them mom and dad stopped out and brought Lani her gift.
A hot pink ipod shuffle.
Think she was excited?

It was a great birthday for her.
We love her so much.
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Candi said...

What a fun 7 yr. birhday party it was indeed! Lani you are so appreciative and sweet! Love you and SO glad you had such a good day on your actual birthday!! :)

Courtney said...

awwwww...what a perfect day!