Tuesday, October 12, 2010

can i get a little WOOT WOOT?!?!

um yeah.
i have INTERNET!!!!!!!!
thank you us cellular air card! :)
thank you everyone who gave me ideas.
apparently all cell phone companies have one and since my service is with us cellular, we just went with them!
and i'm so excited. it apppears it's going to work beautifully! :)
there might be lots of smiley faces in this post.
because we are getting SETTLED.
we have tv as of 8:00pm last night...looooooong day trying to get that. i had to be here from 8-12 and then they called and said he was "running late" and would be here by 2:00.
he showed up shortly after 2 and was here until 8pm. INsane.
so i had to be here from 8am-8pm.
so much for a 4 hour "window".
the POD got picked up this morning.
i have one of my classes down and one to go tomorrow.
then i'll be ready to sub again...as soon as i get my license renewed.
heading to colorado for a few days...leaving saturday. :)
see...lots to be smiling about!!!
this is a crazy transition. we're not used to living in the middle of a wooded subdivision.
every single thing is separate...set up separate, paid for separate.
well, septic, electric, gas, cable, internet, and garbage.
not fun coordinating all that!
but we're almost there.
and i'm happy.
ahhhhh...it's good to be back.


Beckysblog said...

so relieved!!!! :)

have an awesome time in CO, you deserve it.

Courtney said...

yay! lots of good stuff here. i needed to read some good stuff...

Prayz Him Today said...

YAY for you guys!
Glad you're connected!