Friday, October 22, 2010

Update before the weekend

short, quick sentences.
no time.
*still haven't hear official word from the local adjuster. they said my car will be a total loss, but i don't know what the means really. hoping to hear from them today.
*went on a walk last night with the girls. there are like TRAILS behind our house. it was awesome.
*going to the iowa vs wisconsin game tomorrow
* we haven't had rain in like a month. 70% chance of rain tomorrow. awesome.
* paul's whole family is coming. his mom and my mom are watching all 6 kiddos while we all go to the game. it's an annual event. RAIN WILL NOT STOP OUR FUN. :)
* BECKY IS IN LABOR!!!! anxiously waiting to hear word of baby dirks arrival!!!! i'm guessing BOY. we shall see.
* i got sick. fever, chills, sore throat. but i'm much much better today.
* still trying to move boxes/furniture into the house from the garage. we may never get unpacked.
* cooked/prepared food all day yesterday. we are having a birthday brunch on sunday to celebrate Macy, Lani and Ayla's birthdays. figured since everyone was going to be here, we could knock all those birthdays out at once.
* after everyone leaves on sunday, lani is having her "friend" party. she's having 3 friends over. my sister, mom and myself (not sure WHAT i'm going to do) are going to get the girls all fancy. hair, make-up, painting nails (my job) and then take them out to eat. should be fun. lani is excited. she's going to be 7 next week, but has never had a friend party. it's cute.

i think that's it. lots going on. all good. looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend!!! i feel totally prepared and i just need to pull food out of the fridge/freezer. love doing it all in advance!!
happy weekend and GO HAWKS!!


Heather said...

i think i'm scanning tix at the game tomorrow--maybe i'll see you at the gate! might be working concessions tho :( have a good weekend!

Sarah Guild said...

enjoy your fun packed weekend! We are heading to the game in ia city tomorrow too and I am hoping for mostly dry.. GO HAWKS!