Sunday, October 10, 2010

oh my...this could be bad

1. We are IN. POD storage is empty. The Landers garage is empty. MY VAN is empty. My parents' basement is empty. Whew. Long weekend.
2. Kids are CRAZY. Running around like insane children. Who are these kids and where did they come from? Not too excited about claiming them the past couple of days.
3. Dog is CRAZY. Running around like an insane animal. Who is this dog and where did she come from? Not too excited about claiming her the past couple of days.
4. We have officially been married 11 years and 1 day. Spent our anniversary emptying the POD. And eating pizza. Topping it off with a couple glasses of wine.
5. WE LOVE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD. Seriously feel like we live in a campground. Maybe you don't like campgrounds. But WE DO. So this is so awesome. Plus, the weather has been UHmazing. So we are loving it.
6. Girls are struggling with the room sharing situation. We are going to keep trying, but we may have to forget our plans of having an office for Paul. Because Lani has to be on a bus EARLY and Ayla wants to talk and play LATE. Any suggestions would be welcome.
7. Did I mention we LOVE our neighborhood? I did? Ok...good. Just wanted to make that point again.
8. Kids start riding the bus in the morning. Picks them up right across the street. At the same time I am usually dragging them out of bed. So it could be interesting.
9. We have an attached garage. Ummmm...super exciting. I'm sure even more exciting when the harsh Iowa winter hits. It's like a new world.
10. Completely different home layout. When the kids arrived the first day they ran around yelling things like "WOW! This kitchen is SMALL." and "WHOA! Brigg's room is SMALL!" But for some reason I feel like we have lots more useful living space. The kitchen has lots less space to clean up. That's awesome, too.
11. And finally...the bad news. We had our local communications place come to install internet. Remember, we are living in a campground here. Lots of trees that we are in love with. BUT, he can't get us a signal. And didn't have high hopes of us getting a good signal from anyone. WHAT?!? This could be bad. I'm going to keep trying, but I'm getting scared.
12. Oh, and we finally got a TV today. TVs are like 100x skinnier than they used to be. Crazy.

I think that's it for now. Who knows when I'll be back. But I'm hoping it's soon. And with good internet news!
AND...I have a 2 day training on Tuesday and Wednesday. I leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday for Colorado. HHHmmmmmm....I wonder when I thought I was going to get these boxes unpacked?


Jennie Peakin said...

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to see the house. And you MUST somehow get an internet signal! Seriously, I hate when you don't blog for long periods of time!!!

Candi said...

I am praying for all to go well this morning... up and out of there so early for those 2 monkeys will be tough for a while... Glad you are almost in and as for those unpacked boxes, I wondered what on earth you were thinking too but know you will be roughing it, kind of like "camping" for a while no doubt but what is your hurry, really?!?!! ; ) TTYL... hair appt. at 9:30. Things to put back together ;- ) Happy Monday! :)

hotflawedmama said...

I can't wait to see it either!

We can't get regular internet here either. We ended up buying a thing from Sprint (I can't remember what it's called) but it kind of has internet right in it. The best invention in the world! :) I think it's something like $50/mth for high speed. You can also take it with you anywhere (we take it on road trips, etc).

Let me know if you need more info.

How about coffee this week? Thursday maybe?

Beckysblog said...

no internet = completely unacceptable.

I need regular blogging from you!

Courtney said...

i agree with becky - you need to figure out your internet ;-)

the girls...which one will transfer better? if it's lani, have her fall asleep in your bed and move her to her bed when you go to bed. or, if it's ayla - have her sleep in your bed.

Prayz Him Today said...

US Cellular has an air card that works well in this neck of the woods. Far better than HughesNet or WildBlue. You could check that out.....

Daren said...

No chance for a DSL? I am told you don't need to have a phone to get that hooked up. If you were going to go with the directv version(i.e wild blue or hughes net) I had it for a while....wasn't impressed. I have also heard about the broadband internet cards for the laptop. Just a couple of ideas.

Katy Foulk said...

Some people are also using a broadband over the air card from Verizon. It is $60 a month for 5GB worth of activity on the internet. You can get it free with a 2 yr membership or buy one off of ebay and then pay as you go so you are not locked in to a contract. This is what some of our neighbrs use and they love it.