Tuesday, October 5, 2010


that is the number of days until we move into our new home.
it's really happening! :)
looks like we are going to have a great weekend for moving.
POD arrives friday morning early.
we have a walk-through friday at 9:15am.
closing at 10:00.
carpets cleaned at 11:00. (they had a cat and my mom has severe allergies. plus, it'll just be nice to have fresh, clean carpets!)
so anyway, we are EXCITED!!!!!
even the kids are counting down.
it's going to be a huge transition...again.
it's "out of town" a bit.
kids will be riding the bus...early.
brigg asked me today, "mom, will you tell us where things are when we can't find them for a while?"
i replied with "no brigg. this is going to be like a really long treasure hunt. i might play "hot and cold" with you for a while if i feel nice."
ok...so i'm sarcastic. it's my love language. and HIS, too. :)
it's going to be fun and exciting and we are really appreciating the whole thing!!
oh, and i don't have wireless lined up yet, so i may go completely missing for a while. which is fine. i'm kind of liking harder access to these online places. even when we are up and running, i may just set my computer up in a far off corner so i feel less of a pull. we'll see.
so there ya have it.
3 days.
oh...and paul and i will be celebrating 11 years of marriage on saturday. fun!


Jennie Peakin said...

A new house for an anniversary gift sounds pretty good!

Oh, and I don't believe that "sarcasm" is officially one of the '5 Love Languages'. :)

pambuller said...

yay! what a LONG time coming. how exciting. SO excited for you.
love ya.

Cassie said...

love and miss you, too, pam!

meg duerksen said...

so.....today is the day!
have fun!