Thursday, October 14, 2010

The exterior...

You may have guessed we didn't buy this house for its decor! :)
But the setting is amazing.
As you are driving down our street, this is the first glimpse of our house...

(and yes, it is still GORGEOUS here in Iowa. can't beat this weather. and the colors!)

You continue past the house to pull into the driveway...

Did I mention the attached garage?
Oh, I did?

And the back of the house....

Walk out basement.
Balcony upstairs.
See that rocking chair up there?
That chair + cup of coffee + Iowa in the fall = heaven
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Tisha said...

That is one sexy garage.

Cassie said...

kind of embarrassing how excited that garage makes me. :)

Beckysblog said...

extra room in it for me?

Cassie said...

in the garage? yes!
in the chair? well...depends if you're still pregnant.:)
in the house? always!