Friday, October 15, 2010

Rocky Mountain hiiiiiiggghhhh...COLORADO

Did you know I love John Denver?
Well I do.
Which makes sense because I also love Colorado.
I think it's a requirement for anyone who loves must love John Denver.
Anyway...I'm going there.
Leaving my campground/home in less than 7 hours.
A teeny tiny bit excited.
It's fairly difficult to decide what to finish up before heading out. We are living in a bit of a disaster zone.
But it will wait. I'm certain it will all be here upon my return.
Another exciting tid-bit is that my US Cellular air card can be used anywhere. It's basically like a cell phone. Uses the same signal. And I'm bringing it. So I can be online in the airport and in the car and everywhere. So that's kind of fun.
Paul will be holding down the fort while I'm gone for the most part. Jennie is taking Ayla Sunday night and returning her Tuesday afternoon. (THANK YOU JENNIE!)
Everyone appears to be very unconcerned with my upcoming departure. Which is good, I suppose.
Back to packing. Which is difficult to do when you are nowhere near UNpacked in your new home.
Yay!! Colorado, here I come!


Jennie Peakin said...

Super excited to have Ayla for 2 days!!!! Have fun!

Beckysblog said...

Have an awesome trip!!

And, I heart CO but seriously do not heart John Denver! ew!


Cassie said...

well you're weird.
and what are you doing up this late, anyway?!
you should be sleeping while you can. your sleeping days are numbered!

Beckysblog said...

I havent slept in weeks.

Candi said...

I know you're on your way by now... have a great Rocky Mountain high!! See you Tuesday! Send your itinerary please.

hotflawedmama said...

That John Denver's full of shit, man.