Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tuesday tuesday tuesday

-made a list minute FLYING trip to cedar falls to watch the muskies take on cedar falls. game was supposed to start at 8:30 but didn't get started until around 9. it was just me, brigg and lani. we met lisa and macy for supper. it was fun! but the muskies got beat. and we got home at 1:30am. i let the kids sleep in this morning and dropped them off at school at 10:00. maybe not the most responsible mom choice, but i think they'll probably still graduate. (teresa c. agreed with me when we spoke last night...so it must be true. :))

-voted this morning! it's kinda of fun! :) and ayla got to eat fritos with our neighbor that signed us in while i voted. she was happy.

-realized on my trip that my "new" van's cruise control doesn't work. annoying.

-photo shoot with nana and papa and all the grandkids. pics coming.

-lani starts piano lessons tonight. she's so excited! BUT the piano is in the garage. just called to hire a piano mover to get it in the house. we just can't get it up the stairs. that thing is about 100 years old and HEAVY. they come on friday. kids may have to practice this week in the garage.

-taco tuesday tonight.

-there are lots of things that i knew i was going to love about our new house. and i do. i love all of them. the one thing that i was just certain i would hate is the small kitchen. it could have been a deal breaker for me. but everything else just seemed so perfect. and guess what! i absolutely, positively LOVE my small kitchen. LOVE it. it literally takes me about 2 minutes to sweep the floor. it's about 1/10 the size of my last kitchen. and i firmly believe now that big kitchens are overrated. :)

-took an afternoon walk with mom, brenda, bode, boone, jennie, sean, tate and my kids yesterday. we didn't have school. it was beautiful. lots of pics to come from that, too!

-we bought a 1/4 cow. organic, grassfed out of kalona. we can pick it up anytime.

-brigg literally has holes in the bottom of his shoes. i feel so frustrated about that. and sooo old and grown up when i say "they wear their shoes out so quickly!" but they do! i hate it. so we are going shoe shopping tonight after taco tuesday in our small kitchen. (see how this all goes together? not random at all!!)

-paul started working on the brick walkway around our future garden. so fun!

-brigg has a basketball tournament this weekend. paul is one of the coaches. he is loving that.

-last night when i took the BIGS to the game, paul took ayla on a date. she felt pretty big herself. and the things she said...too cute.

-still nowhere near unpacked...ugh.

-tomorrow i'm starting back up meal planning and grocery shopping organization. could take all day. i have big plans.

happy tuesday to all. could this weather be any more perfect?? i think not.


Tisha said...

Not random! Perfect flow. :)
Keeping up with my kitchen floor wears me out. So, I'm kind of jealous of you right now.

Courtney said...

wow...WOW! i'm tired...