Sunday, November 21, 2010

I think I'm behind

I've been told I haven't been blogging as much lately.
And I think that just might be my new norm. I've been kind of busy. :)
But I have had plans for a post about BECKY...because I visited her and her new baby last week.
And then Lisa and family were here this weekend. And I did not take a single picture.
But I had plans about a post about that, too.
And then suddenly it was supper time and bath time and I had to give the DOG a bath, which takes like an hour at least.
And then kids had to get put to bed and I needed to take a shower because I gave the dog a bath and on and on and on.
Tomorrow I have been planning another big post about a super exciting project that I'm going to be a small part of. I can't wait for that.
So I'm very very behind.
Not sure if I'll catch up.
Exciting things coming though. Lots of exciting things.
And seriously...thanksgiving is this week?? Crazy.

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