Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some pics from Ayla's birthday celebration

I don't think I ever posted any of these.
She was SO cute!!
Here she is sportin' some of her loot.
A purse, a watch, a necklace and new twinkle toes.

We had the group celebration for Macy, Lani and Ayla earlier and there were cupcakes.
Then we had Lani's birthday and donuts in the morning and cupcakes at night.
Our neighbors have been awesome and have brought us lots-o-sweets.
And we had a donut cake on the morning of Ayla's birthday.
So by the time her evening celebration arrived, I was SO sick of sweets that I just couldn't do it.
I could not make another cake.
So I stopped at Hy-Vee and ordered a 6 inch cake.
They slapped on a few princess rings and viola.
One happy girl (and a pretty happy mommy, too!)

We got Ayla an orange blanket. It's just like Brigg and Lani's and she was ecstatic.

Paul got her (a much cheaper version of) the "i love you" sign language necklace.
She was quite proud of that as well.

Gosh do we love her!
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Beckysblog said...

Love those twinkle toes! :)