Tuesday, November 9, 2010


we are heading to monkey joes with mom to meet jennie and tate.
ayla is very excited. brigg and lani were not. they LOVE monkey joes.
but they need to get an education. :)
so it's monkey joes, lani's piano lessons and then dinner and gifts tonight.
ayla requested mac-n-cheese. i'm getting fancy with homemade mac-n-cheese and we'll have some chicken, too, because for some of us, we need a little variety.
i ordered a 6-inch cake from the grocery store with princess rings on it. $6.47 :)...saving me lots of time. i made the donut cake this morning. ha!
lani and brigg we very excited to get up a little early to sing to ayla. lani carried her to her donut cake just like brigg carried her last week. it was cute.
off to monkey joes.
and to enjoy what looks to be our last beautiful day for a while.
gosh...3 years. that's nuts. (i teared up when i gave her a hug this morning and said, "ayla! you are THREE!" seriously, it's kind of sad!)

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Lisa said...

Oh sweet Ayla! Can't believe she is 3 - time goes so fast but yet, she seems so much older than 3. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. Hope you gave her lots of hugs and kisses from us!