Wednesday, November 10, 2010


whew...half way through the week.
amazing sunrise this morning. i need to enjoy those more often. it was beautiful.
another gorgeous day is forecast for today. 70 degrees and perfect.
if you are from here, you understand how exciting this is for us midwestern-ers.
we all know the months of yuck are coming. so we certainly know how to enjoy these perfect fall days!
ayla and i have big plans to work out in the garden and finish some things up out there. i was talking to a friend yesterday and she said, "it is hilarious that you are working out in this garden while you are surrounded by boxes inside."
and it may not make sense to you. but once the cold comes, it is here for a lot of months. there is NO working in the garden until march at the VERY earliest. and this is a big project that we don't want to be just starting as the ground is thawing.
the boxes will wait. trust me. i know they will wait. they have been waiting for a month. :)
so today it's a day of working outside.
love it.
love this weather.
feeling so thankful today....

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