Monday, November 8, 2010

football and basketball

i've not taken many pics the past couple of weeks outside of brenda's visit and the posed ones of the kids.
i downloaded some this morning and this is what i found.
football and basketball.
last week i took the kids to the muscatine football game in cedar falls.
before the game we met lisa and macy at peppers for supper.
the girls sat at a table by themselves and chatted for and hour and half.
it was fun!

we enjoyed the game together even though the muskies ended up getting beat.
lani took lots of pics.
thought this one was pretty good...

and then this weekend brigg had his first basketball tournament.
they played 3 games.
they got beat three games.
but they had a blast out there...

they had only practiced about 4 times together, so i'm sure there will be much improvement this year.
but as for this weekend, it was a bit painful to watch. :)
by the 3rd game it was a little less painful, so that's good.

it was a gorgeous weekend and we spent all of sunday working outside.
paul got the last of our things moved out of my parents' storage unit and into our garage.
so we FINALLY have everything we own at our house.
now we need to go through it and get it all into the house...or the trash.
looks like we have 3 really beautiful days ahead of us before it starts cooling off.

tomorrow ayla turns three.
seems like it was yesterday, yet she acts like she's 17.
we are anxious to celebrate her.
there will be another donut cake and balloons. and this will be the first year that she "gets" it, i think.
so lots going on this week.
and for a few more days i love iowa in the fall.
but after that my love will slowly disappear and by january i will be searching online job placement sites for jobs anywhere except iowa.
by february i will probably have my house on the market and be dead set on moving south.
it's a give and take here, i tell ya.
but for today i will enjoy.
happy monday.
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Tisha said...

Slightly southwest would be ideal. :)
Happy birthday Ayla!!!!