Friday, November 19, 2010

friday night date night

can i get a "WOOT WOOT"?!?!
we have a sitter.
and a plan.
if you are interested, we will be hitting Ardon Creek Winery for some wine tasting and snacks. they have a heated tent set up and a bonfire! 6-9pm tonight.
doesn't that sound fun??
i'm excited.
we don't get out alone together very often. so this should be a good time.
hooray for date night.
and for my awesome husband.
happy friday!!


Tisha said...

WOOT WOOT!!! Yes! That sounds fun. Enjoy!

Lisa Borglum said...

I wonder how Brigg feels about this date night...

Beckysblog said...

That sounds insanely fun!

And yes, maybe Brigg will get his wish tonight?!

Cassie said...

ok lisa and becky.
NOT funny.