Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wine to Water 2010

Last night was the 2nd Annual Wine to Water event in Davenport.
The guys stayed home with the kids and mom and I made it a girls night.
I wore high heels.
And lipstick.
And a little braid in my hair.
It was a big deal. :)

We went out to dinner and then hit the event where much wine was consumed by me.
And 2 Africas were purchased by mom.
This was not one of them...but was beautiful and a high seller.
It is by Naomi, whom we all have learned is an amazing artist.
She shipped it to me and it got here with 24 hours to spare.
So happy it did.

The event took place in the same space as last year.
People mingled and bid and helped hundreds of people they will never meet in Liberia.
Pretty cool.

Tesi, the woman of the hour.
She put the party together again this year and did a short presentation.
Plus, she looked super cute.

And there was no Muscatine event this year and I must say, I was very relaxed about that.
Actually, with the lack of Muscatine event to worry about and the comsumption of wine, I may have been overly relaxed. :)
But it was fun.
I don't have totals yet, but I can tell you that over $2000 was raised alone on Woodfire Grill auction items.
Pretty amazing.
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hotflawedmama said...

You looked fabulous last night!

Thanks for your help.

And for helping by drinking some of the wine. ;)

Love ya..

Tisha said...

Oooooh Cassie, looking fancy. :)

Naomi said...

Oh I'm glad it went well! I liked the colors in my painting but was worried it looked too sci-fi-ish for the typical Iowan. I was so frenzied on Thursday to get them all mailed that I forgot it was even happening on Saturday!
You look pretty hot too.