Sunday, November 14, 2010

i'm excited about this we are pretty much unpacked.
a few boxes left in the house to empty out...but nothing major.
garage is cleaned out! my car is parked in there right now.
kayaks and bikes are hanging from the ceiling.
paul has been working in there for 3 days. he's so DONE.
but my favorite part about all of this is that i have a shelf that needs to be hung in the laundry room and guess what!
i have no doubt that it will get hung this week.
i don't know if you understand the significance of that.
in our old house if i had a shelf that needed to be hung in the laundry room, it probably just wouldn't happen. because honestly, a shelf hanging in the laundry room would be so far down on the TO DO list, that it wouldn't even register.
living in an old old house comes with a HUGE to do list. big big projects. not just a little paint here and a small shelf there. nope. the projects might take a month or at least a couple weeks.
and we have NONE of those here.
so hanging a shelf in the laundry room is NUMERO UNO on our to do list.
and that, my friends, is so very exciting to me today.

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