Monday, November 15, 2010

another monday

lots of running around today.
ayla was crabby from about 10 minutes after she opened her eyes until bedtime.
with a few fleeting moments of joy in there. but trust me, they were few and far between.
i find that interesting because i TOO had a rough attitude day. i hate that.
it's not typical for me and i hope my attitude is all cleared up by morning!
made some homemade bread tonight. it was the first time since we moved in. actually, the first time since the week before we moved out of oakland drive. so 2 months almost exactly. it felt good and smelled better.
BOTH of our cars are in the garage. that's something to write home about.
ran into our realtor today. love her. was so happy to be able to tell her how much we love our new location. and after hearing about how terrible the market continues to be, we are reminded how thankful we should be that we actually got our house sold at all.
paul has 2 inspections this week. another big deal. it's been a while. so again, thankful for work.
i received an email from the Board of Educational Examiners. my sub license was officially printed TODAY and i should be receiving it in a week or so. mixed feelings about heading back to work, but mostly i am excited. i miss the classroom.
it's nice and quiet around here tonight. kids are fast asleep. paul is working in his "office" on his report. dog is laying at his feet. and i am sipping a peppermint mocha decaf...reading.
feeling pretty darn blessed. and hopeful for the days ahead. just one of those reflective nights.
winter is arriving.
and it's nice not to feel the wind gusts coming through our walls. :)
and the sun set on another monday....


Daren said...

Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see the new house, and introduce you to Henry.

Beckysblog said...

Love you Cassie...cant wait to see you!