Saturday, November 6, 2010

the weekend

brigg has a basketball tournament today. i sent he and paul on their way this morning. the girls and i are staying back and heading over for the 2nd game. just didn't think we would make it the FULL day.
we'll be leaving just as the hawkeye game is starting. darn it! but it'll be fun watching brigg play and paul coach.
it's supposed to be GORGEOUS weather this weekend. 60 or so. we have plans to finish up our garden so it's ready to go in the spring. we are putting in 5 raised beds...each 10ft x 4ft and a brick walkway around each bed. i'm so excited about this! paul worked his butt off getting those bricks to this house. they were free, but we had to haul them first from the city parking lot to our storage and then from the storage to the house. i'm talking hundreds of bricks. the kids even helped. it was not fun. but now that he is getting them down, i'm so happy we did it. (or more like HE did it.) it's going to look great.
in other news...lani and ayla are doing great sharing a room. actually, the past 3 days they have woke up in the same bed together. somehow ayla finds her way to lani. so sweet.
paul, lani, ayla and i all watched Princess Diaries together last night. they are growing up. so fun and so sad all at the same time.

so hello glad you are finally here!

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