Sunday, June 27, 2010

party time!

we've been planning a big ole party for a few weeks to send the landers off on their new journey to colorado.
today is the day.
the weather is the biggest concern. it has been CRA-zy.
but i just looked at the forecast and it appears that it will be beautiful by party time.
we've planned as much as we can and today we get to enjoy and have a great time.
but i must say, this has been the hardest party to plan for.
i usually love this stuff.
but not so much this time.
i kept putting things off and pretending that it was a long way off.
it's denial.
so another one of those bittersweet days ahead.
sadness laced with joy.
friendships celebrated.
a day full of love, i'm certain.
we are focusing on the happy.
that's all there is to it!

(oh...and my brother and family arrived yesterday. i got to meet boone for the first time.
he's perfect.
lots of photo memories to come!)

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Beckysblog said...

Thinking about you all today!