Monday, October 27, 2008

This morning

I love to have something special waiting for the kids as soon as they wake up on their birthday morning.
I think this is the most exciting part of the day for them.

This morning was no different.
Because we did a big cake apple picking weekend, we just stuck with a donut cake today.
And Brigg acknowledges just how special he thinks Lani is...

And an added bonus to Paul working IN TOWN.
He popped in just in time to sing happy birthday to Lani.
The kids were so excited for him to be a part of this!
(although early this morning, before leaving for the Y and work, Paul woke Lani up to give her a sweet gift just from him. the kids love this, too. It is something they always talk about when discussing their birthdays.)

And the birthday girl.
Bed head and all.
Isn't she beautiful!!

It was a good day.
So thankful for this little girl.
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Amy said...

That is so sweet...I love the two of them hugging! Happy Birthday, Lani!