Monday, October 27, 2008


Today Nalani turns 5. I almost get teary just typing those words. There is no possible way it has been 5 years since the life-changing day she joined this family...changed this family.

Lani wears her heart on her sleeve. I have a feeling this will forever be part of who she is. Compassion oozes from her. She jumps up and rushes over to Ayla if she gives even the slightest indication of discomfort. If I'm searching for something she is the first to hop up and help me find it. Even if I'm not looking for something, she has been known to walk in the room carrying my cell phone, saying, "Mom, were you looking for this?"
She knows in her mind how things are "supposed" to be and if they aren't appearing that way, she'll let you know...and expect you to fix it.
Her smile can literally drop you to your knees.

She has her daddy wrapped every so tightly around her little finger...and she knows it.

She's content just hanging out with "us". Not a lot of friends right now, but when asked who her best friend is, she quickly replies, "Macy!"

She loves the weekends when everyone is home and together. She and Paul spend time every weekend taking in the recycling, filling the bird feeders and working in the yard.

She LOVES LOVES LOVES nature. Dirt, bugs, worms, flowers, birds, etc. She is very serious about keeping the birdfeeders full and keeping the squirrels away from them.

She also enjoys baking, playing Barbies , mexican food and ART. Anything artistic can keep her entertained for hours.

Every morning after we drop Brigg off at school and come home, she says, "Mommy, can we snuggle?" And after a round of snuggling, she will most definitely be up for a fierce game of Memory or Candyland.

The room lights up when Nalani walks in. Her smile. Her dimple. Her fly away blonde hair.

I could go on forever.

She is Nalani. Our firstborn daughter. Our little Lou Bug. And today she is 5.

Happy birthday sweet girl. Words cannot express our love for you. For your soft heart, your gentle soul, your kindred spirit. May you feel our love deeply on this special day and always....


amy smith said...

happy birthday sweet girl, it is a blessing to know you.

Courtney said... sweet. i pray i get to meet her one day! :-)

AG said...

Happy Birthday Nalani! We hope you have a great birthday! I can't believe you are 5 either! Man, time really does fly by...

Melanie said...

wow, five years went by in a blink of an eye!

Eric and Pam said...

Happy Birthday Big Girl!! :-)

Make your momma give you a hug from pam. Love you!

Chris/Stew; Brenda said...

Happy birthday Lani! You were literally the first baby I have ever fell in love with!

Candi said...

Yes little lady, you are most certainly something very special. You can tug at my heart with one tiniest smile.... God has blessed you with some amazing gifts... we love you Lulu!!
Nana "S" and all!! :- )