Friday, October 24, 2008


I'm not sure what it was.
Paul being gone?
The fact I couldn't remember when my last shower was?
The 5 loads of laundry waiting in the basement?
The baby who is cutting 4 teeth at one time?
The piles of dishes by the kitchen sink?
The rainy, cold weather?
I'm not sure.
But for whatever the reason, I had a rough day yesterday.
But I'm back today!

Laundry is all caught up...washed, dried, folded and PUT AWAY.
Dishes are caught up.
Ayla in currently taking her 3rd nap of the day (must be catching up from yesterday).
And her little face buried in my neck about makes me squeal with delight.
Don't you just want to squeeze her?!?

And adding to the positive vibe of today, Brigg and Lani are getting along like best friends.
AND they are preparing for the approaching winter season.
Yes, they are sledding in the rain.
Wearing snow pants.
And snow boots.

Once in a while, they play together so well.
I wish it were more often...

oh, and did I mention Paul gets home tonight?
That may be a big contributor to my change in moods, too.
We can't wait!
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Heather said...

Ayla looks really tiny in that first picture--sooo cute! Glad you had a good day today and sounds like you got a lot accomplished--I NEVER get the laundry put away the same day it gets folded :)

Eric and Pam said...

You look radiant, Cass. Maybe you finally got a shower?? :-)

Those babies are pretty cute too.