Thursday, October 23, 2008

He really does a lot

Paul is in Phoenix.
I am missing him.
He does so much more than I give him credit for on a regular basis.
I'm looking around me tonight and feeling overwhelmed by the mess.
I fed the kids in front of the TV...
grilled cheese, potato chips and black olives.
But they were only allowed 5 black olives each because the rest of the can was my supper.
Accompanied by a couple glasses of wine.
No time to get supper together and on the table.
Even if I did have the time, I have nothing in the cupboard to prepare because
I haven't been able to get to the store since he's been gone.
The toys.
The dishes.
The laundry.
The WHINING. (and i AM referring to my own, not the kids!)
We are ready to have him back...but he may not like what he comes home to!
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Amy said...

I take Kelly for granted, too. He helps a lot and I don't say thank you enough.

Holly said...

it's AMAZING how much I don't realize Jake does when he's gone.
Thankfully??? I get lots of reminders ;-)

Mary said...

I always think it will be good when Lonnie is gone and I won't have to work so hard to keep it all up. Then it just piles up and I have to work even harder. They really are great to have around.