Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The results.

This is painful for me.
I'm quite competitive by nature.
But when it comes to competition with Paul, I verge on insane.
I hate it when he beats me.
And there was no denying from all your votes that he beat me.
And honestly, as much as it pains me to say it,
he beats me every single year.
(well, there was that one year that i cheated and used a pattern!)
Each comment that came in saying #1, I wanted to quickly delete before he saw it.
But I refrained from doing so.
So year #14 goes to Paul.
Excuse me while I go scream.
Here are the pumkins in the light of day with their carver's name
#1: Sore winner, Paul

#2: Nalani (she drew the face all by herself and Paul helped her carve. it was CUTE)

#3: Brigg (he did it completely by himself this year!)

#4: Sore loser, Cassie (it looks much better lit up at night!:))

Thank you for voting.
The kids lit up with each vote that came in.
And we may have to pull out the old Scare Contest later this week!
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Candi said...

I didn't officially vote BUT I was intrigued with yours Cassie and would have voted for it had I voted!! :)

Candi said...

Paul's looks a lot like Paul actually!! :- ) I've seen that evil look before.... :-O

Melanie said...

We hold a competition with the Dirks' every year. So far Becky and I have been the winners. One year losers are supposed to make a HOME MADE meal for the winners. I think we are going on two years and we are still waiting for our meal.