Sunday, December 26, 2010

we have found our happy place

the past couple of days have been awesome.
we are love Love LOVING being out here in the woods! :)
it has been SO gorgeous. we've had a fire going for about 30 hours straight.
bundled up and went out for walks and shoveled snow together.
played games. drank hot cocoa. and ayla fell asleep last night as we watched A Christmas Carol.
it's been nearly perfect.
we are happy.
but tomorrow it's back to reality. paul goes back to work.
:( sooooo sad.
i wish he had this week off.
but we have more company on their way. my grandpa and uncle will be arriving at my mom's tomorrow.
then chris, brenda, bode and boone get here on tuesday!!
we are so excited to see them!!
we'll celebrate another christmas with them and they'll be here through the new year!!
so lots of good things yet to come.
back to the family.
it's toy story 2 tonight. and the fire is still burning.
there is something about the fire that makes the kids calm.
i'm serious.
so thankful tonight. so so thankful.


Courtney said...

i wish we had a REAL fireplace...
i can almost smell yours :-)

Beckysblog said...

I need to get me a fireplace...and a house in the woods.

Amy said...

Calm kids?? Get me a fireplace, please!